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How can your customers cancel their subscription?

"Customers find it easy when they have the reigns of their orders and subscriptions and we have developed features which can provide your customers the ease of subscription management with almost no effort or technical knowledge.

Note: Firstly, you need to enable the permissions for the authoritative feature you want your customers to have. You can enable them the permissions from

Customization > Customer Portal Settings > Customer Portal Permissions

Here, you can enable permissions and hit save, and the options should be visible on your store.

Whenever a customer logs in to your store, they’ll see an option of Manage Subscription in the “My Account”, and then click on Manage Subscriptions.

There is also another method for your customers to manage their subscriptions during checkout. After you have given the permissions from the app, the customers can manage their orders from the Manage tour subscription, easily from during the checkout.

And as you allow them, they can delete/edit products, view shipping details, update payments, cancel or pause their subscription, accordingly.

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Updated on: 04/03/2024

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