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How do I create and manage custom shipping profiles for subscription orders?

"Shipping is a crucial part of a customer’s experience and it adds to your store’s success.

If you have amazing products for your customers and without easy shipping, control, or access to their shipping info, it can end up in cart abandonment.

Customers opt for fluency and ease-of-use, without any fuss. They desire instant results with efficiency, security, and shipping accuracy without mishaps and faster measures if found any.

Praash Subscriptions provides the ability to create customized shipping profiles for subscriptions. We provide configuration and management of shipping charges for recurring orders.

You can learn to create and manage shipping profiles with these easy following steps:

Navigate to the left side of the page on your merchant portal and click Shipping Profiles.

From there, click on Create Shipping Profile and then you can create or update your shipping profile.

Fill these out according to your requirements.

Shipping Policy Name: You can start by entering a shipping policy name that fits best your customers’ needs. (e.g. fast/expedited/free shipping).

Select Subscription Plan: Select the particular subscription plan/plans whose products you want to include in your shipping plan.

Location Information: This field enables you to add the country and province you want to specifically facilitate shipping in.

You can add location info and enable shipping by selecting the country and entering the province code.

By enabling, ‘Should Include All Province’, you can allow your shipping service to cover all the provinces in the selected country.

You can also click on, ‘Rest Of the World’ and that will allow you to ship to all the countries that your store currently supports.

Now for the delivery method information, you can either enable Carrier Service and select a carrier service like DHL/UPS/USPS, and any name for the delivery method.

This field requires you to specify the delivery conditions to offer free shipping based on the order purchase value.

For example, if a merchant wants to offer free delivery for a purchase of more than $100, they should select GREATER OR EQUAL in the Delivery Condition Column.

For example, if a merchant wants to charge a certain amount, say $10 for a purchase of less than $100on shipping, they should select LESS OR EQUAL in the Delivery Condition Column.

After you have completed all the fields, hit save and your shipping profile is ready.

If you have any questions about the creation or management of shipping profiles, you can email us on Our team is available 24/7 if you have any queries."

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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