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How to add/manage subscription plans?

"You have downloaded the app, which implies that you are determined about increasing your customers on a recurring basis. You can install Praash by simply going to Shopify store admin and opening the apps section. From there you can install the app by searching and adding the app.

From there, follow these simple steps to create a subscription plan for your store.

Step 1: On the Dashboard, click on, “Create Subscription Plan”, in the top right corner.

Step 2: Name your subscription plan suitable to the level and price category.

Step 3: Select the products you want for the subscription plan by adding or removing them from the plan.

Click on “Add Product” to include products and goods to the plan.

Add/Remove products easily.

Step 4: Add the frequency (ie; time interval between two orders) and additional details about the order frequency, types, and duration of the plan.

Here are the step 4 fields elaborated:

Order Frequency: So, it's simply a time period between two order deliveries. The frequency has to be at least one and the schedule can be days, weeks, months, or even years.
For example, if you populate the order frequency with ""2"" and the schedule with ""week"" on the day of the first delivery, the time period between the upcoming delivery will be 14 days (2 weeks). And if you want your customers to have the capability of choosing the order frequency of their order, you're gonna have to add multiple frequencies accordingly.

Minimum Number of Orders: Minimum order means that your customers won't be able to cancel their subscription before these many orders have been placed.

For e.g. if you set the minimum number of orders to 10. Someone who subscribes to the product won't be able to cancel their subscription before 10th billing cycle.

Maximum Number of Orders: Maximum number of orders mean that's the maximum limit for how many how many orders on the subscription cycle.
For e.g. If max order is 20, there will be 20 billing cycle for each subscriber.

Offer Discount Active: Here you can add the discount for your customers. If you choose ""**percentage**""**,** the discount available for your customers will be a percentile portion of the product price, suppose a flower pot is worth $30 if you enter ""10"" in the ""**Discount Offer**"", your customers will get the discount of 10% i.e.$3.0 and can subscribe the product for $27.

Types of plans:

Pay as you go: If you select this plan, the recurring orders will be automatically billed at the defined interval frequency.

Prepaid: You can charge your customers in advance for their subscription plan before each delivery.

Advanced: With this plan, you can charge the customers automatically within the fulfilment frequency.

So, you can add/manage subscription plans by following the above instructions.

If you have any doubts or problems, reach us at . We are on the move 24/7 to assist you through any obstacle."

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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