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How to customize the customer portal in the subscription?

"Customer portal helps your customers manage their own subscriptions and see details of their plans in their profile/account.

In Customer Portal Settings, make their subscription managing experience smooth and as centralized as possible.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can customize the labels and texts, and configure the customer portal for desired customer access in the customer-side subscription management.

Customer Portal Texts

You can easily manage customer portal settings by going to Customization < Customer Portal Settings.

Here, you can fill these fields however you want labels to appear for your customers on their subscription management in their profile. The text and labels should be easy to understand and concise from head-to-toe, for an easy and bold user experience.

Customer Portal Permissions

Here you can manage the permissions to provide your customers options to cancel, pause or remove subscription, revise product quantity or even delete a product. You can change permissions whenever you want.

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Updated on: 04/03/2024

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