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How to customize the widget label, subscription plan widget, and configuration?

"A subscription widget on a store can be the reason a customer leaves and stays in the store.

An eye-appealing and easy-to-use widget can coerce a good number of conversions, and convince the customers into subscribing and buying your products therefore it’s important to customize it to your store’s overall unique look and feel.

Praash offers seamless widget label and subscription plan widget customization to help your store speak to the customers.
So, this article explains,

Customizing the Widget Label
Customizing the subscription widget label
Widget Configuration

These fields will help you choose what you want your customer to see on the subscription widget so they can understand what to opt for.

1. Widget Label:
The widget label your customers see on your product is how they first become aware of your subscription plan. Here you can customize the content of the widget label to help your customers understand, navigate and set up subscriptions to your products.

2. Customizing Subscription Plan Widget and select dropdown:
The next step is customizing the look and feel of the widget so it catches the attention of the user as an extension of your store, making it easy to find and appealing to try once.
So, in the sections given below, you can set up the overall appearance and texture of all the components present inside. From the color of the text inside the widget and tooltip text to the spacing between the options, everything is variable.

3. Widget Configuration
These options let you decide which details you want your customers to see on the widget.

Their presence and appearance will make a huge difference as you need to show your customers only what’s important.

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Updated on: 04/11/2024

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