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How to keep track of customer subscriptions?

"It is crucial to know and increase customer loyalty because you need good analytics to understand your customers and Praash offers top-notch customer analytics and order tracking facility to analyze growth and actions of customers.

You can keep detailed track of subscriptions and recurring orders easily by following these steps:

Log in to your Praash dashboard and click on Customers in the left side panel and you can view the customers all the customers who have subscribed to your subscription product till the present. All the customers can be viewed here. Click on Customer ID and you'll have this page before you.

Here, you can view many details about your customers' subscription and orders and all sorts of things.

Order ID and View Customer: you can go to Shopify to see the customer order status by clicking on Order ID and you can see the details like payment details and detailed shipping status. You can also create shipping label and review shipping address and complete timeline of order situation.
You can also create order and view order details.

Go to subscription page: Click here and you will be directed to a page which shows complete subscription info including shipping info, product associated detail, upcoming fulfillments and subscription status, and some of these details can be changed from here.

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Updated on: 04/11/2024

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