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How to set up Subscription Bundling or Build-a-box?

"Subscription Bundling/Build-a-Box allows one to add/bundle multiple products in a subscription and check them out together. Subscription bundling is an amazing method to provide value by adding products or services to enhance an existing subscription.

Businesses have implemented this feature to decrease churn by providing customers with numerous products with discounts.

For example, car companies that provide maintenance, insurance, etc all in a monthly payment, for customer convenience, or when Apple bundled an Apple TV subscription with an iPhone purchase, and when Spotify gave away Google Home devices to their subscribers.

In order to create a Build-a-Box, you have to create a subscription plan. To learn how to do that, click here.

So Bundling benefits both the seller and buyer in many ways. And in this article, you’re going to see how you enable subscription bundling, step by step.

Step 1: After you have created a subscription plan, click on Subscription Bundling on the left side of the screen of the merchant dashboard. And click on actions.

Now, upon clicking enable the Subscription Bundling and populate the fields accordingly.

Step 2: Subscription Bundle Link: After you have satisfied all the fields, click on Save in the top right corner and then open the subscription bundling again. The link will automatically be generated for you to see and you can copy it by clicking on the floppy/Document icon.

Step 3: Discount: In this field, you may enter the discount you want your customers to get when they make a bundle.

Note: The discount you put here will be added to the discount you have determined for your products in the subscription plan that you have already created.

For example, if you offer a discount of 5% for building a box/bundle, the subscribers will get a 5% discount on every product (in the box), on top of the discount you have already offered on that product in your subscription plan.

Step 4: Build-a-box Menu: For the Build-a-box/subscription bundle to appear on your product page in your store in order for your customers to use it, you need to add and enable it from Shopify. So, go to Shopify Admin~>Online Store~>Navigation. Click on Open Main Menu.

Step 5: Click on Add Menu Item. The menu you will now be adding is the Subscription Bundle.

Step 6: Enter the name for the item, which in this case, is Build-a-Box/Bundle Products, and add the Subscription Bundle link you copied for the app in your subscription bundling profile.

Step 7: Click Save and Buil-a-box will be visible to your customers in your store.

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Updated on: 04/03/2024

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