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Praash Subscription Overview

Praash Subscription Introduction

Praash comes forward as an eCommerce tool that serves businesses by enabling them to sell their products recurrently. With a dashboard of market-disrupting features, Praash offers multiple subscription plans suitable to your business requirements to increase your customer engagement and increase the attrition rate resulting in a smooth flow of products.

Praash Subscription offers features like auto-billing, freemium model, personalized notifications, real-time analytics for smarter strategic response to customers, etc, which make our subscription solution your true and true.


Praash has plans full of features beneficial to businesses and appealing to their customers.

Quick and easy subscription setup

Multiple subscription intervals

Self-managed subscription options

Personalized email notifications

Seamlessly connect with Shopify checkout

Auto-billing for subscription products

Dunning management to reduce churn

A real-time product performance tracker

Subscriptions manageable by customers

Allow your customers to have control over their deliveries, orders, and subscription plans. Enable them to update their delivery dates, payment methods, for their orders. More operability and self-management play a big role in maintaining loyalty and decreasing customer churn.

Personalized notification

Send your customers email notifications informing them of any updates and changes in their subscription plan or latest features. Email notifications help customers stay updated and prepared for lots of things.

Solid Analytics

Praash offers real-time analytics and information to track the data of all aspects of your business. We provide a complete analysis of product tracking, upcoming orders, revenue, and ROI tracking, and overall customer approach.

Best 24/7 customer approach

Praash subscription has a phenomenal customer support team to assist your customers through installation and functionality, or any other doubt, we’re here for you 24/7."

Updated on: 04/15/2024

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