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How to add reviews stars widget on the product page and home page?

If stars are not automatically displayed by clicking on 'integrate Trustreviews' in your Trustreviews app settings, please follow these steps:

Add stars to my product pages. (For themes 2.0)

Go to online store -> customize
Choose the relevant product page.
Follow the steps on the screenshot below:

In your product information, click on ''Add a block'' and choose the ''Trustreviews'' application (See 2nd photo). Move the Trustreviews block below your product title

Show stars on home page

If you want to display the stars on a product on your home page, the same method applies but the code is different. Copy/paste and use the code below:

{% raw %}
{%- assign product = section.settings.product -%}
{% endraw %}

<a href="#trustreviewsFrame"><div class="trustreviews-rating" data-id="{{ }}" data-rating="{{ product.metafields.trustreviews.avg_rating }}" data-raters="{{ product.metafields.trustreviews.num_reviews }}"></div></a>

Updated on: 03/13/2024

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