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How to add Trust Reviews widget to Debutify Theme?

Manual integration with Debutify. If customer reviews are not automatically displayed on your product page by downloading the Trustreviews app, please follow these steps:

Debutify Theme

Go to your Shopify Themes menu. (online store -> Themes)
Click on the "Actions" menu, then select "Edit Code".

In the code search bar, search for ''review'' and 2 titles should appear below the ''SNIPPETS'' section (see screenshot below)
To display customer reviews on your product page, go to ''review-widget.liquid''. 
Copy and paste the line of code below:

<div id="trustreviews" class="page-width" data-product-id="{{}}"> {{ product.metafields.trustreviews.iframe }}

Paste the line of code below the phrase: (\<div class="review-widget">) in the review-widget.liquid section.

Last step - verification

Check in the ''theme.liquid'' category that the code below is displayed. Copy/paste this code and go to ''theme.liquid''. Check if this code is displayed using the commands cmd + f (on macbook) or ctrl + f (on windows).
&#x20;If the code is not displayed, paste it before the tag '' '' This code is required for Trustreviews to work properly on your theme.

{{ shop.metafields.trustreviews["global_html_body"] }}

Updated on: 03/13/2024

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